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UMD Union Revival

2009-01-24 03:01:31 by ShopUMD

This is the reincarnation of CircleUMD's account, which is MwMike's alt. I am remaking this account because the UMD Union got off to a bad start and were often thought of as a mindless spam crew. This is not the case, and some of us were working on high quality Flashes at the time that Wade had our leader wiped for submitting spam that was nothing but an image of a UMD. Before long; we drifted away from each other and it seemed that there was no future for the UMDs - until yesterday. I was lurking on the BBS when I saw a thread by former club member Madness-UMD. I promptly opened it, and saw a normal thread, but in case this really was something; I checked onto his userpage only to see a newspost about a UMD Revival. Just to check if this was legit or not, I went over to UMD, our leader's, page and there was one of them again. Due to negative opinions on us for the spam that was being sent through by some members during our early days, many of us have decided to start anew. All of our members have agreed to not spam, so all spam from us is from rogue members.